By: National Samosa Week Team On: April 04, 2022 In: Updates Comments: 0

The week is approaching where we honour that delicious triangular snack we all know and love – the legendary Samosa!

The fifth National Samosa Week starts next Monday (April 11-17), and we can’t wait to savour those delightful savoury snacks by the dozen!

Founded by the Leicester Curry Awards, the aim of the week-long event, is to draw attention to the rich culture and food heritage of South Asia.

Samosas are so embedded in South Asian culture, that they are the equivalent of having tea and cake in English circles, according to Romail Gulzar, the founder of the event.

They are traditionally a fried or baked pastry with a savoury filling, including ingredients such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas.

This culinary delight is said to have been around since the 10th century, originating in the Middle East.
However all these years on, the snacks have been adopted the world over, and are as popular as ever in the UK with millions eaten every year.

National Samosa Week is all about encouraging people all over the UK to buy or make their own Samosas – and to sell them at work and school to raise funds for their local community or charities.

We hope you will get involved in this annual, and supremely tastetastic event!

For more information, call 0845 500 5052.